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Regulations of NACA

Chapter 1,  General Rules

1. North American Chorus Association is a non-profit, non-political art and musical association. 

2.The association's missions:

 •Strengthen association, coordination and cooperation between choruses. Enable the chorus art level in North American area to obtain the further promotion and the enhancement. 

 •Strengthen positively with the Western art associations and artist's mutual study and the exchange. Promotes the understanding and the friendship. 

 •Through inviting the Chinese, western and various famous singers and musicians to hold the artistic appreciation, the vocal music seminars, the music theory and special courses and so on chorus elementary knowledge, enhances each chorus association and the vocal music amateur's artistic appreciation and art attainment. 

 •Conducts the regional chorus performances and competitions, hold regularly chorus festival, and consummate gradually organization and regularity of the association.

Chapter 2,  Members

3. Every vocal music art organization in North America or musically specialized individuals such as conductors, singers, composers, and choral music advocates can become a member of North American (Chinese) Chorus Association. They need to submit an application which will be verified by the authorization of the association, and to pay membership dues. The year membership dues are: chorus $50, individual $10. The membership dues adjustment will be voted by the council.

4.The members enjoy with priority the great benefits such as the vocal music seminars, special musical theory courses, and discount on some art performances.

5.The members have rights to give the comments and the suggestions for improving association’s work.

6.The members must observe the association regulations, have the duty to participate in the activities the association organizes, maintains the association the benefit.

7.The members should pay membership dues on time.
Chapter 3,  Organization
8. Association organization is composed of Council, management team, various choruses member and the well-known public music specialists.

9. Council

• Council is association's highest policy-making organization. The council members are composed of the commanders of various choruses (or appointed by committee of choruses regimental commander), the chairman of the association, the chief artistic director, the vice-chairman, as well as directors of the management team. The council members are re-elected every two years. In order to maintain the endurance and the stability of the council, newly elected members are not to surpass 1/2 total members each term. If commanders of choruses are changed, the council member's qualifications are then changed by nature.

• The council members may authorize other people to exercise the voting right.

• The council may, according to needs, invite consultants to participate in the council conferences.

10. Management Team.

• The association implements responsibility system of the chairman of the association and the chief artistic director under the council supervises. The chairman of the association and the chief artistic director are recommended and elected by the council (must surpass half number of members to elect passes). The chairman of the association is responsible for the management work of the association. The chief artistic director with plenary powers is responsible for the association art aspect design, the conductions and the overall rehearsals.

• The association supposes two vice-chairmen, and one secretary general. Vice-chairmen and secretary general are nominated by the chairman of the association, and surpasses half number of members in the council to vote the agreement to appoint. Vice-chairmen are responsible to the chairman of the association. The secretary general is responsible to both the chairman of the association and the chief artistic director.

• Under the association supposes art department, public relation department, propaganda department and finance department. Director of art department is appointed by the chief artistic director while others are by the chairman of the association. Various departments govern and carry out the association routine work, and are responsible to the chairman of the association and the chief artistic director.

11. The association regularly holds the annual meeting, summarizes current year’s work, and formulates the activity plans for the next year.
 Chapter 4,  Supplemental Articles

12.The council may carry on the revision to the association regulation. The effectiveness of the new revision needs to surpasses 2/3 council members.

13.This regulation implementation and the explanation power turn over to North American Chorus Association.