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Regulations of NACA Philharmonic Chorus


The Philharmonic Chorus of the North American Chorus Association is for those who truly love choral art. The goal of the chorus is: 
1. To pursue the highest level of choral art 
2. To encourage and attract others who love choral arts 
3. To become a high-level, community art group
Member Requirements

1. Have a love for choral art and a strong desire to improve choral skills – Members must be eager to relentlessly pursue choral excellence and to participate in the activities designed to achieve this excellence. Participation for only social or leisure reasons -- without the necessary effort and love required to strive for choral excellence -- will be deemed insufficient for membership. 
2. Have a basic knowledge of music theory and vocal fundamentals – To ensure that members have a basic knowledge of music theory and vocal fundamentals, they must first audition to join. 
3. Follow the director’s arrangements for each voice group (soprano, tenor, alto and bass). 

4. Regularly attend both voice group practices and whole-chorus rehearsals
5. Practice at home – Practice outside of rehearsals is required to grow familiar with the songs prior to the voice group and whole-chorus rehearsals. The goal is to independently sing the correct pitch and keep the correct rhythm. 
6. Pay the membership fee.
Regular Rehearsal Activities
1. Monthly whole-chorus rehearsals

Whole-chorus rehearsals mainly focus on mixed-voice practice. To help make these rehearsals as effective and efficient as possible, each member is required to master their voice group part, including rhythm, pitch, and dynamics, before this whole-chorus rehearsal.
Whole-chorus rehearsals also include sight-reading and solfege training. By exercising in groups of two or four, and by using other methods, participants master a variety of intervals and overcome pitch problems.
Periodically, special training sessions in vocal skills, music theory, and choral theory are given in whole-chorus rehearsal in order to cultivate members’ appreciation of music and choral skills.
2. Voice group practice sessions
In between whole-chorus rehearsals, each voice group may have their own practice sessions organized by the head of the voice group so that, at the next whole-chorus rehearsal, each voice group can meet the director’s requirements. 
 Organizational Structure and Responsibilities

1. The Director assumes full responsibility for the quality of choral performances, assigns members to voice groups, appoints the President and the Voice-Group Leaders, and supervise the President’s and the Leaders’ work. The Director checks the extent of members’ practice, guides and improves the members’ choral skill, and supervises new member admittance.

2. The Administrative Team of the chorus consists of the President and three operational groups --- Singing Practice Assistance Group, Internal Affairs Group, and External Affairs Group.
3. The President coordinates between the operational groups and reports directly to the Director.
4. The Singing Practice Assistance Group consists of the Voice-Group Leaders, the Music-Score Keeper, and others as needed. TheVoice-Group Leaders monitor and assist the practice of songs by the voice groups, ensure that everyone is familiar with the melody and rhythm before the whole-chorus rehearsal, and monitor members’ attendance. The Music-Score Keeper proof-reads music scores prior to chorus distribution, coordinates between Technical Support (see below) and Voice-Group Leaders in the process of producing audio/video recordings for the use of singing practice.
5. The Internal Affairs Group consists of Accounting, Supporting Service, Costume, Technical Support, and so forth. Accounting is in charge of chorus financial book-keeping, such as collecting membership fees and tracking expenses. Supporting Service provides miscellaneous services supporting chorus practices and performances. Costume is responsible for performance outfits. Technical Support is responsible for producing audio/video recordings and photos for the use of singing practice and marketing.
6. The External Affairs Group consists of Website, Public Relations, Event Search, and so forth. Website manages the public face of the chorus. The website also serves as the official chorus information and message center. Public Relations is in charge of matters related to the public, the media, and other organizations. Event Search collects choral-event information and provides them to the Director for consideration.