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2013 Hainan-Taiwan Performance

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 Performance in Haikou and Taipei, 
December 8 - 18, 2013

 Led by Boston Eastern Heritage Chorus, NACA members toured Hainan province of China and Taiwan in December of  2013.

On December 12th,  the team participated in the concert hosted by Hainan Philharmonic Chorus at Hainan University.

Joined by eight choruses, the team performed in Taipei on December 15th.  


Video Recordings of Haikou Concert

December 12, 2013

游子情思 青春舞曲 Coulter's Candy 葡萄园夜曲 Seal Lullaby Those Were The Days 永远的邀请

Video Recordings of the Haikou Concert
December 12, 2014


Video Recordings of Taipei Performance
December 15, 2013

台北表演录像 2013年12月15日

游子情思 Coulter's Candy 远方的大雁 葡萄园夜曲 Seal Lullaby 牧歌 Those Were The Days 望春风