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2009 Montreal Choral Competition

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The 5th Annual Loto-Quebec World Choral Competition
July 8 - July 12, 2009
Montreal, Canada

Led by Boston Eastern Heritage Chorus, members of NACA participated in the competition and received three awards: One Laureate and Two 2nd-Place Laureates.

Montreal Competition - July 2009

Audio Recordings

2009年7月9日 - Mixed Choir
[1]. 半个月亮爬上来 (Half Moon)
[2]. 草原恋 (Love of Grassland)
[3]. 大青藏 (Big Tibet)

2009年7月10日 - Mixed Choir
[1]. 牧歌 (Pastoral)
[2]. 等你到天明 (Waiting for You Till Dawn)
[3]. 去一个美丽的地方 (Go to a Beautiful Place)

女声合唱 - Women Choir
[1]. 花大姐 (Sister Flowers)
[2]. 茉莉花 (Jasmine Flowers)
[3]. 小白菜 (A Little Cabbage)